Author: Solomon Halpern

Defining Mindful Finance

Finance and money can cause stress and conflict for individuals and society. Mindfulness is an antidote to these challenges, and a path to meaning and fulfillment through finance.   Change

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Podcast #5: Does Money Spark Joy?

Our fifth podcast offers a series of questions designed to inspire deeper contemplation of your Investment Self. Too often, we cut off pieces of our personal experience from our financial

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Personal Planning

I am happy to report that we are interacting with more and more people on the subject Mindful Finance, which we have chosen to champion. In these interactions the concept

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Personal Return on Investment

As investment professionals, at Highlander we spend a lot of time contemplating how to improve the return on investment that we can provide to our clients. The most common form

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Mindful Finance Defined

About two years ago we started using the term Mindful Finance to describe our practice as financial advisors at Highlander. Usually the first thing someone asks upon hearing this term

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