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Peaceful Afternoon

The Mindful Impact Investment Strategy

The Mindful Impact investment strategy at Highlander is designed to combine the goals of socially responsible, ESG, impact investing (as a group “impact investing”) with Mindful Finance investing. This unique

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Mindful Finance Investing

As the world of finance and money is infused with mindfulness, there is a logical question as to how this approach affects investment processes. Mindful Finance Investing is not the

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succulent after the rain

Podcast #5: Does Money Spark Joy?

Our fifth podcast offers a series of questions designed to inspire deeper contemplation of your Investment Self. Too often, we cut off pieces of our personal experience from our financial

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Personal Planning

I am happy to report that we are interacting with more and more people on the subject Mindful Finance, which we have chosen to champion. In these interactions the concept

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Personal Return on Investment

As investment professionals, at Highlander we spend a lot of time contemplating how to improve the return on investment that we can provide to our clients. The most common form

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