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Personal Planning

I am happy to report that we are interacting with more and more people on the subject Mindful Finance, which we have chosen to champion. In these interactions the concept

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Personal Return on Investment

As investment professionals, at Highlander we spend a lot of time contemplating how to improve the return on investment that we can provide to our clients. The most common form

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Mindful Finance Defined

About two years ago we started using the term Mindful Finance to describe our practice as financial advisors at Highlander. Usually the first thing someone asks upon hearing this term

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Investing the Highlander Way

At Highlander we take pride in our investment strategies. One of the inspirations to start the firm was to offer professional investment strategies to all. We have observed that professional

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Values Aligned Investing

At Highlander, we have always taken pride in building unique and robust investment strategies to help our clients achieve their investing and life goals. For our first ten years or

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Private Equity: If any, how much?

Clients often come to us with interest and questions about investing in private equity. Sometimes it’s about putting money into a friend or family member’s new venture. Other times it’s

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