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At a recent conference in Beaver Creek I met Tim Pawlenty, Republican former Governor of Minnesota and brief candidate for President. At the risk of revealing my political leanings, I

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Cash Value Life Insurance?

More and more we’ve been using cash value, whole life insurance as an addition to clients’ investment portfolios. The reason for this isn’t that the age-old industry of life insurance

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Painful Transition

We are becoming more and more convinced that the next three to five years will be volatile for investors (and also opportune). The world is in a period of economic

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Volatility is Back

As if on cue from our last quarterly commentary, risk and market volatility took the forefront in the past quarter. Last quarter we wrote about the fact that the world

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Can the Market Keep Going Up?

Nothing seems to be able to slow down the current stock market uptrend. Not sovereign debt worries, not increased global strife, not earthquakes debilitating one of the world’s largest economies,

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